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Gadanha Empreiteiros was founded over 30 years ago, dedicating its activity to all types of exterior paving, both in public and private spaces. The Portuguese sidewalk is the ex-libris and the pride of their work. The exterior paving works can be carried out in exterior arrangements for buildings, squares, pedestrian and vehicle accesses, streets, etc. etc. Natural stones, prefabricated concrete floors, are the materials of choice for exterior paving, thanks to their greater resistance to atmospheric and human conditions. A job well done involves much more than the end result. Speed, effectiveness and professionalism are important and fundamental issues: The art of a paving stone: • It is born from the abstraction of color using only contrast; • Overlaps the rigor of the ornament with the suggestive of the design; • It tends towards the vast dimension instead of being restricted to the restricted motive; • It has an aesthetic and utilitarian sense that never saturates the eyes because they always appear unprecedented according to the angle from which they are observed.